Mouseless Browser

A faster way to browse the internet ⏰

In case you are a fan of keyboard ⌨ and hate switching between keyboard and mouse, it’s time to make your browsing experience faster and smoother.

If you are a fan of Vim🤓, then there is this beautiful Vimium extension which basically makes life easier. It has defined shortcuts for all kind of navigation on websites, between tabs. Vimium generates these dynamic shortcuts based on the number of links on the page.

Here are some common shortcuts I use -


  • h: scroll left

  • j: scroll down

  • k: scroll up

  • l: scroll right

  • gg: scroll to top of the page

  • G: scroll to the bottom of the page

  • J, gT: go one tab left

  • K, gt: go one tab right

Tab actions

  • f: open a link in the current tab

  • F: open a link in a new tab

  • r: reload

  • x: close

  • X: restore

  • yy: copy the current URL to the clipboard

  • O: Open URL, bookmark, history entry in a new tab

  • / : enter find mode (search)


  • H: go back in history

  • L: go forward in history


  • ?: show the help dialog for a list of all available keys

For other shortcuts, refer to Vimium Readme You can even add custom shortcuts. Time to make your browsing fast and efficient.