Power of Compounding

Today, I will be discussing a simple yet powerful tool of compounding!

Compounding refers to increasing growth over a period of time. It tells us that even small changes, repeated again and again, can compound into big results!

Kaizen is the daily process of spotting small, marginal improvements or inefficiencies and addressing them.

Using Kaizen you improve every day, a little which when done over a period of time compounds out into beautiful results.


If you keep your money at someplace and add daily 10 coins. After a month, you’ll have 300 coins. Awesome! But, what if you did work extra every day, and added 1 more coin, making a total of 11 coins/day. At the end of the month, you would have 330 coins.

Over a year - difference turns into 3960 - 3000 = 960 coins!

Eh, quite simple no? Well, that’s the beauty and power of compounding!

Small changes add up to become big ones.

Even that 20 mins of jogging for a year will show effective results! So, it’s good to start something, but it is super important to continue doing it over a period of time! Learn to Focus

One more interesting math to show you the magic of compounding -

Compounding rate grows with an increase in time as well as the rate of growth! So in learning, the longer time and effort you devote the better results you will achieve.

4 Rules for better compounding results

  • Start early

  • Stay Focused

  • Remain calm and patient

  • Build a habit.